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What's New?

Got a new wallpaper up for y'all! I just uploaded a wallpaper of a Commerson's dolphin at SWC. Enjoy!

I updated again! Finally! Life's been a bit hectic getting back into the swing of classes, getting a job, etc. But I'm back, and I got an update for ya!! So what did I add?
-Uploaded a new wallpaper, of six orcas bowing at SWF!
-Uploaded a new AIM buddy icon of Nakai!
-SWF videos are up! Thanks to a very generous offer for webspace, they now have a home! Plenty of clips from SWF are now up, linked to on the videos page!
-Updated the store! Added a couple of new links, and switched over all links to Amazon's new style - some of them now include current prices, updated live!

Well, you're probably forgotten all about this little site by now! But as I'm finally back from Orlando, after a one year stint, I'm gonna try to keep the site updated for now!

What's new at the SeaWorld Multimedia Page?
-Uploaded a California Sea Lion AIM Icon, as per request
-Uploaded a new wallpaper of two polar bears
-Fixed the WinAmp Skin: the zip file now includes the required font, just copy the .ttf file to your fonts directory
-Deleted all "spam" messages from the guestbook

If anyone finds that files are missing, please let me know! Tripod has cut down on amount of webspace available, and it automatically deleted some of the files, mostly video, I believe.

Speaking of video, I bought a camcorder while I was in Florida, and of course took plenty of video at SeaWorld of Florida! I've made a number of clips (encoded in .wmv format). Thankfully, I've had a very gracious offer from a friend to get a fair amount of webspace for video. So, hopefully before too long, I'll get those videos uploaded! I think I'll be transferring the video files over to that server, and save Tripod space for images, .zip files, etc.

And I'm also working on re-encoding the videos into .wmv format, as I've found that that saves space and allows for better quality.