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Do you love killer whales and SeaWorld? Want to find more about them? Here's a little store I've set up with Amazon that has the best whale books, tapes, etc out there, in my opinion. Many of these are books I have or have read, so these come with my best reccommendations!

Animal Training

One of the best animal training books out there, this book goes over operant conditioning, the training system used by SeaWorld.

Another great book on animal training. This one's considerably more pricey, but it comes highly reccommended from SeaWorld animal trainers themselves.

General Cetacean Books

One of the best killer whale books out there - this one is a classic. Detailed accounts of encounters with killer whales in the Pacific Northwest.

A great resource for whale enthusiasts. It contains a photo identification catalog of the Pacific Northwest resident killer whales.

A very endearing book, filled with stories of human interaction with whales of every kind. If you're looking for a heartwarming whale book, this is it.

Very highly reccommended! Written by Ted Griffin himself, it tells the story of Namu. A great firsthand account of the first killer whale to survive in and aquarium!

Careers With Dolphins

A bit hard to get a copy of, but if you're interested in working with cetaceans, this book is well worth your time! It has profiles on just about every facility that holds whales and dolphins, as well as information of jobs in research, activism, and more.


A very cute movie, starring the famous killer whale "Namu".


One of my all-time favorite movies! Incredibly cute, and of course it stars Keiko as Willy!

IMHO, the weakest of the Free Willy trilogy, but the footage of wild killer whales alone in this movie makes it worth it!

Again, not quite as good as the first movie - but very touching. It also deals with a VERY pertinent subject as of late - whaling. The footage of whales in the wild is gorgeous!

A great film, beautifully made! I saw this one at an IMAX theater, and that was a great experience! A must-see for any dolphin-lover.

A wonderful look at the life of Keiko, made during his stay at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. The footage of a young Keiko is really neat to see!!