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So who runs this site, anyway? Well, my name is Kirsten, and I'm a college student at the University of San Diego. I've grown up loving dolphins, and especially killer whales. It is my life-long goal to be a trainer, working with these animals every day. I've been a fan of SeaWorld for years now, and finally live close enough to one to visit frequently. I love to watch The X-Files, pro football (go, Seahawks!), read, draw, write, and surf the Net. My most recent interest is toying around with multimedia on the computer.

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My Favorites

Animal: Killer whales, of course!
TV Show: The X-Files
Movies: Free Willy, Star Wars, The Mummy Returns
Actors: Brendan Fraser, David Duchovny
Actresses: Gillian Anderson, Rachel Weisz
SeaWorld Whale: Ulises
Hobies: Writing fanfic, drawing, visiting SeaWorld, creating videos

My Other Websites

Fan Fiction - X-Files fanfic, as well as concept art
Videos - X-Files videos, killer whale videos, and more
Photos - Photos of SWC ad SWT, as well as Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, as well as my own art
The Animal Files - X-Files fan fiction featuring animals