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Want to learn more about SeaWorld and its animals? Want to make your own multimedia? Or just looking for a few good sites? Well, you've come to the right place. Here's a collection of the best links out there!

Captive Cetacean Sites

Whale Web Information on cetaceans, and the whales at SeaWorld. Be sure to check out the forums as well as the store - those shirts are cute! ;)

Orca Homepage TONS of captive orca pictures - if there's a whale you want a picture of, chaces are it's here.

Britt's SWC Site A great place to find info and pics on the animals and trainers at SeaWorld of California, as well as personal anecdotes.

The Orca Lovers Homepage Great pictures and info on SeaWorld whales, as well as those in other parks around the globe.

Orca Whales at SeaWorld
Pictures, news, info, and more about all of SeaWorld's whales.

Killer whales in captivity An incredible site with info on every whale in captivity.

Ashley's Page One of the only sites out there dedicated to SeaWorld of Texas - great pics of the orcas, dolphins, belugas, and more!

Shamu's Page A relatively small site, but cute nonetheless - dedicated to the whales of SeaWorld of Florida.

Dedicated to the orcas and dolphins of SeaWorld of California - a great site for pics!

Takara at SeaWorld San Diego One of the first pages I found - a small but cute tribute to Takara, a killer whale at SWC. Plenty of Tikki pic here! :)

Orca Freak A neat page, with great info on killer whales (wild and captive), pictures, and some really cute orca art!

Making Waves: Orcas A great little site, by someone who knows a lot about SeaWorld's whales!

General SeaWorld Sites

SeaWorld's Commercial Website Info on the parks, online shopping, news, and more.

SeaWorld's Educational Website Plenty of information on animals, as well as working at SeaWorld, training, and more.

The SeaWorld Information Guide If you're planning a trip to SeaWorld, definitely stop by this site for plenty of info and tips on visiting the parks!