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Saw something on the website that you really liked, and want to try? Find out how here!

Slideshows are relatively easy to make, they just take a little time. First, you'll need a lot of images, and a song to put them to. Mp3 format for the music works the best, as it is high quality and has a relatively small file size. You can find mp3s virtually anywhere on the net. Next, you'll need RealPlayer. This is a very, very useful program, and I reccommend you download it even if you don't want to make videos or slideshows. It can play RealMedia files, including videos with small files sizes. RealPlayer can be downloaded here. It's kind of hard to find on the page, it's just below the Real Player Plus ad. Finally, you'll need RealSlideshow. You can download it for free here. Putting together the video itself is very straightforward. Just use RealSlideshow, select the sound file you want to use, pick images, and drag and drop them where you want them! When you're done, click generate, play (if you want to watch it first), then send. You'll need an account with one of their hosting services, but these are free and quite easy to set up.

Music Videos
Music videos are a bit trickier to make, and require more equipment. First of all, you'll need a video capture card and plenty of video. Take whatever clips you want from the video, then use any video editing program to put the clips in the order you want. Almost any video editing program has a feature that lets you add sound, so use that to add in the song that you want playing in the background. This takes some time, and since there is a wide variety of editing programs out there, I can't say exactly how to do it. You'll have to find that out with your own program. Once you have the final product, it may be in .avi or .mpg or a similar format. If you want to change it to a RealVideo, and your program isn't capable of encoding RealVideo, you can download RealSystem Producer Basic. This is a very handy program to have. It creates decent video quality with a minimum of fle size. Once you've encoded that, voila! You have a music video.

WinAmp Skins
There are a number of programs you can use to create WinAmp skins. Some of them are more complex and offer more control over options, while others are geared towards beginners who just want to add pictures or colors to the background. 1001 WinAmp Skins is a great resource for downloading these programs. I use WinAmp Skin Maker, but currently this is a shareware program that requires registration to save/distribute skins. There are also quite a few freeware programs there. As for how to make them, as with the music videos, that depends on the individual program. The finished files, however, are usually made up of many little files, so I highly reccommend using a program like WinZip to put them into .zip files.